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Web Project Partnership

We share the risks with you on your web application development projects.

Daillac Développement Web is a company that cultivates innovative ideas and invests its energies in the development of new projects, both for its customers and internally. That’s why we have a project partnership approach.

You have a project but you don’t have the financial resources to realize it? Well, the Daillac Développement Web teams would like to meet you. We will analyze the project with you and invest the time of our resources to accompany you in return for shares in the project.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. "

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Together we determine how we can help you

We’re delighted to offer our expertise, entirely at our own expense, to explore the possibilities of a project partnership with you. Our aim is to understand how we can work together effectively, drawing on the experience and skills of our teams to contribute to the success of your project. We firmly believe that every project partnership is an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed together. With this in mind, we are committed to determining the precise level of our contribution, to ensure an optimal balance between the contributions of each party. In the end, we’ll establish a fair distribution of gains, reflecting the value each party has brought to the project. This project partnership is not just a transaction, but a strategic alliance aimed at creating mutual and sustainable value.

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The process

Carry out your project


Definition of your needs

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The project proposal


Realization and optimization


Test acceptance and verification

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Quality assurance and deployment

We help you stand out from the competition

We study the global characteristics of your company and listen to your needs in order to propose a solution adapted to your case, the targeted market, the objectives, the aesthetics, the budget and the project schedule.

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Talk to one of our experts now

Daillac Développement Web is a company specialized in web application development, passionate about innovative ideas and dedicated to investing in new projects. We’re more than just a web development service provider, we’re a project partner ready to share the risk with you.

If you have a project in mind but lack the financial resources to realize it, Daillac Développement Web is ready to establish a project partnership with you. We’ll analyze your project and invest the time and resources needed to support you, in exchange for shares in the project. We’ll bring our expertise to bear, at our own expense, to determine how we can work with you and give you the benefit of our teams’ experience. We will also determine the level of our contribution to the success of your project, and establish the shares that each party will obtain at the end of the project.

The process of partnering with Daillac Web Development involves several steps:

  1. Definition of your needs
  2. Project proposal
  3. Realization and optimization
  4. Test acceptance and verification
  5. Quality assurance and deployment

Daillac Développement Web is dedicated to helping you stand out from the competition. We study the overall characteristics of your business and listen carefully to your needs, so that we can propose a solution tailored to your situation, target market, objectives, aesthetics, budget and project schedule.

In short, Daillac Web Development is a project partner ready to invest our time and resources to ensure the success of your project. Our goal is to work together to achieve success.