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Our IT staffing approach allows us to meet the growing need for quality professionals in the North American market. We specialize in programming, DevOps and support on cloud platforms.

IT Staffing Expertise

From real-time telecommunication systems to geolocation systems with telemetry, our expertise is as varied as our customers. Our resources have worked on new generation user interfaces as well as real time server environments with high flow management.

The professionals who collaborate with our clients focus on secure and optimized application development to evolve projects over time and needs.

We know and master the IT field and are inclined to identify the best talents in the field.

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Our team evaluates your needs by analyzing your request.

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Our experts will contact you with different proposals.


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The resources are integrated into your teams and projects.

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IT staffing of 100% remote professionals

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Do your teams master how to work remotely? The international talent pool is almost inexhaustible. Adopt strategies that save production costs for large multinationals, build diversified teams for greater profitability.

The benefits:

  • Cost savings with lower hourly rates.
  • Increased productivity & better employee retention
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • DAILLAC guarantees the level of competence of its placements and offers 2 free weeks to test the employee without any commitment.
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